Redeem Items from the Coachella NFT Marketplace

All Coachella Collectibles are redeemable for physical items and IRL experiences. Once you have purchased your NFTs, you can redeem them by clicking the button below and visiting the site of our partner, FTX.US

Sights & Sounds NFTs and Desert Reflections NFTs can only be redeemed once. Coachella Key NFTs must be redeemed by April 1 of each year. Keys will be locked for redemption from April 1st - April 30th of each year.

The Coachella Key NFT must be in your FTX US wallet at the time of redemption. To check if an NFT has already been redeemed, visit the NFT’s redemption attribute on the Solana Explorer page for the most up-to-date information.

For more information about the redemption process or to learn more about the Coachella Keys, visit our Help Guide.

Hop in our official Discord to talk all things NFTs and Coachella. Coachella Collectibles owners are granted access to a private community channel.

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